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Football Roundup (The Ones I Care About)

Posted by zaphriel on September 18, 2005

Browns 26, Packers 24

That just about says it all, the browns won, they looked good enough to beat a disheveled, disorganized and frustrated Green Bay Packers. I gotta say this one looked as if it was a gimme, all the lines called it close, with Cleveland at a disadvantage, but despite the score, it really never was close, Cleveland just got tired. I actually felt sorry for Brett Favre, for such a great career, he doesn’t deserve to go out like this, but that’s what happens when you go one year too long.

In other news, my bucks looked great yesterday.

No. 9 Ohio State 27, San Diego State 6

After one bad play, No. 9 Ohio State showed no sign of a Texas hangover.

With Santonio Holmes’ punt returns setting up two touchdown runs by Troy Smith, and the defense swarming from the second play on, the Buckeyes rolled over San Diego State 27-6 on Saturday.

“After the first play of the game, our defense dominated,” said coach Jim Tressel, whose team was coming off a 25-22 loss to No. 2 Texas. “After we were startled a little bit … our defense decided no more of that and shut them down.” – source

Awesome, there is hope yet, even in their one loss to Texas, they really didn’t look bad at all, but given the screwed up way the BCS calculates things, Ohio State may never have a chance at the title…time shall tell.

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