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A Dialogue for the September 12th World

The Failed War: Black Culture and Katrina

Posted by Mark on September 13, 2005

This is an important piece. It puts in words what many of us have been thinking all this time, as we watched the sheep sit in the Superdome, attacked by wolves:

In fact, white America does remain morally culpable � but because white leftists in the late 1960s, in the name of enlightenment and benevolence, encouraged the worst in human nature among blacks and even fostered it in legislation. The hordes of poor blacks stuck in the Superdome last week wound up there not because the White Man barred them from doing better, but because certain tragically influential White Men destroyed the fragile but lasting survival skills poor black communities had maintained since the end of slavery.

George Will continues and expands the truth we are discovering post-Katrina:

Liberalism’s post-Katrina fearlessness in discovering the obvious � if an inner city is inundated, the victims will be disproportionately minorities � stopped short of indelicately noting how many of the victims were women with children but not husbands. Because it was released during the post-Katrina debacle, scant attention was paid to the National Center for Health Statistics’ report that in 2003, 34.6 percent of all American births were to unmarried women. The percentage among African American women was 68.2.

Given that most African Americans are middle class and almost half live outside central cities, and that 76 percent of all births to Louisiana African Americans were to unmarried women, it is a safe surmise that more than 80 percent of African American births in inner-city New Orleans � as in some other inner cities � were to women without husbands. That translates into a large and constantly renewed cohort of lightly parented adolescent males, and that translates into chaos in neighborhoods and schools, come rain or come shine.

Black Americans have every right to be angry at government. They just need to understand why they should be angry, and at who.

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