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Racist, Bigoted, Socialist Reporting

Posted by Mark on September 12, 2005

I had intended to post today on the Roberts hearings, and I’m sure we’ll spend alot of time on that. But this piece from The New York Times deserves mention today. (HT: Hugh Hewitt)

This “news report” from Elizabeth Bumiller illustrates as few can the bigotry and bias of The New York Times, and the MSM that echoes it. Here’s what she said about T.D. Jakes:

“I said, ‘Grab some black people who look like they might be preachers,’ ” said the supporter, who asked not to be named because he did not want to be identified as criticizing the White House.Three days later, on Mr. Bush’s next trip to the region, the president appeared in Baton Rouge at the side of T. D. Jakes, the conservative African-American television evangelist and the founder of a 30,000-member megachurch in southwest Dallas.

Bishop Jakes, a multimillionaire and best-selling author, is to deliver the sermon this Friday at the Washington National Cathedral, his office said, where Mr. Bush will mark a national day of prayer for Hurricane Katrina’s victims. The bishop’s style of preaching is black Pentecostal – he roars and rumbles in performances that got him on the cover of Time magazine as “America’s best preacher” in 2001. More important to Mr. Rove, he has become a vital partner in the White House effort to court the black vote.

Now, if you knew nothing about T.D. Jakes, what would you take from the above paragraphs? He’s a mulimillionaire, a Bush supporter, a “Black Pentacostal” (read “snake handler) and quite a performer. Oh, and he’s important to the evil Karl Rove.

Funny how the MSM would never dream of writing the above about Rev. Jesse or Rev. Al, both of whom are multimillionaires.

For some info about the ministry of T.D. Jakes, go here.

He’s not perfect, and has some significant flaws in his theology, but Rev. Jakes deserves far better than he got from The New York Times.

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