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SOS Saturday – The Great Reno Balloon Race

Posted by zaphriel on September 10, 2005

The Great Reno Balloon Races occur about this time every year, the weekend after labor day. How do you race a balloon you might ask, well it’s not how you think. And in all actuality it isn’t a race at all, not really, it is however a competition. One of the events is a hare and hound race. A small “hare” (this year they were bumblebee balloons) sets off and drops a target nearby that the other larger “hound” balloons must throw bean bags on. The closest to the target wins. Simple and fun. But the “race” is less about the competition as it is about the joy of seeing colorful bags of hot air ascend into the sky. And the sense of wonder in your child eye as their favorite character or balloon comes to life in front of them and raise impossibly into the wind.

On a great day, which today was not, the wind is calm and the balloons are colorful. The biggest and most majestic balloons are silhouetted by the dawn sky. But alas, today was not the best of days. It was a bit windy and just a little drizzly. Balloons do not like to fly with even slight adverse conditions. But they did eventually get off the ground. There were all types, from the Wells Fargo Wagon, to the bumblebees, and panda bears. Colorful balloons of all imaginable patterns and colors rose into the cloud filled sky. Today was not the best I have ever seen, but it was nice, and they forecast a better morning tomorrow, so we will go check it out.

We have to get there early though, the best part happens around 5am. They call it the Glow Show and Dawn Patrol. Just before dawn, a select number of balloons inflate, tethered to the ground, and put on a glow show timed to music. it is a wondrous and fantastic sight to see. Then as the sun rises, these balloons, joined by a few more, raise into the air to greet the dawn. It’s a little chilly to watch, but you will never see another sight like it at any other time. It’s great fun and the best quality time you will get with your kids (or even your inner child) that early in the morning.

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Christopher Hitchens: The Case For Iraq

Posted by Mark on September 10, 2005

No one makes the case better than Chistopher Hitchens. He should be giving lessons to the Bush Administration.

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A Report From Iraq: Things are Calming Down for a Reason

Posted by Mark on September 10, 2005

Works for me:

Something else that gets credit is the Iraqi Army. There truly are signs that this army is starting to have some impact on events here. The terrorists can’t simply walk up to a checkpoint, kill everyone in sight, and not take a very strong risk that they might all be killed in return.

What continues to be whispered, and what I have reported here once or twice, is the claim that the Iraqi Army is killing hundreds of the terrorists whom they do arrest. No trials. No niceties. Just a quick shot in the head. I can neither confirm nor refute this persistent report. But, I hear it so often that I do tend to believe something along those lines is happening. The victims of the Army killings (if they are happening) are the former Saddam loyalists who form the core of the terrorist groups.

It’s noteworthy that absolutely no one is bothered by this evidence of an army that is perhaps running amok. In many other countries (even in parts of ours) there would be mass hand wringing and hyperventilation. The New York Times editorial board would have a collective case of acid indigestion. Not here. These people have tasted what it is like to live at the hands of a butcher and an assassin. They can’t wait for Saddam’s trial and execution to be over so they can quickly get on with the more important things in life.

Sounds like years of dictatorship have made the Iraqi people quite grey. That’s a good thing.

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Let Us Not Forget The United Nations Scandal

Posted by Mark on September 10, 2005

With all the Katrina coverage, you may have missed the Volcker report on the UN Oil For Food scandal. OpinionJournal has a roundup.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Human Tempests

Posted by Mark on September 10, 2005

Here’s the end of the piece:

We could have weathered one storm, but four or five natural and human tempests all at once reduced us to abject calamity over New Orleans — bringing “men’s characters to a level with their fortunes.

Gotta read the rest to get the full impact.

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