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A Letter From Lexi

Posted by Mark on September 6, 2005

We made care packages for the victims of hurricane Katrina this weekend. In each one was a letter from my daughter:

To the victims of Hurricane Katrina,

I�ll bet that most of you are probably pretty mad with God about now. If you�re thinking, �Oh great. Another Christian trying to get us to pray and all that crud,� don�t. I am definitely not that kind of person. My name is Alexis of Illinois, and I�m 12. All I want is for you to take my words to heart.

I can be a big nature girl most of the time, so I hate to see anything destroyed. The fact that your entire city was ruined devastated me. Then I remembered something I had seen on T.V awhile back. An entire forest had been destroyed and this boy was upset about it. An older girl came over and showed him an acorn. She said that that means everything will grow back.

I�ve included a small acorn in this care package so you can remember this. I don�t ask that you have to become a Christian, but just think about what I�ve said. If you do choose to become a Christian, just pray this simple prayer:

Dear Jesus,

I know that there is one true God and that you are his one true son. I know that you loved me enough to die on the cross and I believe that you rose from the dead. With that faith I ask you to forgive me of my sins and I put my trust in you. From now on I will live for you. In Jesus name, amen.

I thank you very much for reading this letter. My sincere hope is that you will be able to draw some comfort from this letter.

His Servant,


Any question why I think she’s a great kid?

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