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Catastrophe: Eating Crow

Posted by Mark on August 30, 2005

I desperately wish my post from Monday, LJiC Bought the Hype, had been correct. It’s now clear the hype was real, the catastrophe of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast not overblown, simply delayed. I was horribly, tragically wrong. One of the joys of blogging is seeing your opinions read worldwide. One of the nightmares is when your opinion is so wrong, like this one obviously was.

Few have reported more horrifically, and more eloquently on the disaster than Eye of the Storm:

Monday, August 29, 2005

We the writers of this blog humbly bow ourselves in respect to the victims of Hurricane Katrina and their families.
We cannot understand your pain.
The information we are giving you is filtered through our experiences.
What began as an adventure has quickly turned into heart-wrenching tragedy.
We joked, and may try to find respectful humor again before long, but we do so honestly as a need for distraction.

For those of you seeking information, the following is what we are comfortable passing on for now and we will try to do more as time passes.
-Every building in a low-lying area along the Coast experienced bad damage.
-The roads are mostly impassable or destroyed and the communications lines are spotty at best. This situation will persist for several days.
-Do not try to come here yet. Police, fire and rescue are beyond overworked. Looters are rampant. Hospitals have overflowed. Officials of all stripes lack the words to properly describe the devastation.
As much fun as its been to do this blog, Mike and I are going to be overworked before long. We want to help those of you seeking information but fear telling you the wrong thing, especially with this much destruction and confusion.
Thank you for reading us.

Read through this blog, as it’s writers go from lighthearted to frightened to devastated. It’s a fitting tribute to the power of this storm.
The pictures from this site are devastating as well, as is the wall to wall coverage on the Cable News channels. And it’s likely to get worse. I’ll continue to report as it comes in, humbled by the devastation.

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