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Health Update: Blogging at a Standstill for awhile

Posted by Mark on June 29, 2005

Still fighting a bronchitis, and now an eye infection, due to a lowered immune system. Will be back as soon as I can. Sigh
Update: 6/29/05

Thanks to everyone who left comments, or sent an email. I’m doing better, though still not completely over either the eye problems or the bronchitis. It continues to limit my ability to stare at a computer screen, or be up long enough to do any serious writing.

For those who don’t know, I’ve been battling severe breathing problems since being hospitalized last August. I am alot better, but still having bouts of severe bronchitis every month. The tracheal problems that seemed to be the root cause of my problems are much improved, thanks to a wonderful speech pathologist named Cathy. Thanks to her work, I’ve been Unfortunately, the coughing from the bronchitis really screws up my back. I had surgery on my back in February after shattering a disc after a bout of bronchitis turned in to pneumonia in January.

I don’t post stuff like the above very often. Unlike politicians, I’m quite sure the world, and this blog, does NOT revolve around me. But I’ve got so many new patrons to Liberty that I felt it important for folks to understand why the bar is closed sometimes. I hope you still come back for the Muir Cartoon, even on days when the “Gone Fishing” sign is on the door though.

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