Liberty Just in Case

A Dialogue for the September 12th World

OK, Enough’s enough.

Posted by zaphriel on June 27, 2005

I am dissatisfied with allot of things these days. Politically, the SCOTUS is getting on my nerves with their either down right dangerous, or very muddy decisions. I can’t for the life of me see what they were thinking on any of their recent decisions. Very alarming stuff.

Even more alarming for me however, on a personal note, is my pedestrian Artwork that I am passing off as a header. I need help. So I decided to RE-run a contest I had last month, (one that no-one entered) and up the prizes.

Grand prize will be, $50 in cash, 2 items from the Zaphriel store, a shirt with you design on it and my sincere appreciation.

If you need more details or you know of anyone who may possibly be interested, PLEASE E-mail me at Zaphriel at Gmail dot com or leave a comment.

thanks everyone.

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