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Revenge of the Sith: An Emotion I Didn’t Expect to Feel

Posted by Mark on June 3, 2005

I stood in line for 2 hours for Star Wars, 4 hours for Empire Strikes Back, and played poker and spades for 6 hours before getting in for Return of the Jedi. Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones were out on video by the time I got around to seeing them (marriage, children, and graduate school interfered), and I have rented them numerous times for my children’s edification. Yes, I’m a fan.

So, while my wife took the kids to see Madagascar, I took the opportunity to preview Episode III. It’s PG-13, and except for extraordinary circumstances, our kids don’t see PG-13 movies. Besides, I wanted to spend some quality alone time with the conclusion of my favorite movie series.

The familiar words Star Wars rolled across the screen, with the familiar fanfare, then the synopsis of events slowly scrolling across the starfield in yellow. Then off we go! For a full 10 minutes I was back in my Junior High years at the old Hornbeck in Shawnee Oklahoma….and then things sloooowwweeedddd waaaayyy dooowwwnnn.

I expected alot of emotions from Sith, but boredom was not one of them. I knew I was in trouble when I started looking at my watch as one of the interminable light saber duels began to drag on. Now, don’t get me wrong. I LIKE light sabers. My son has one, I had one, and I suspect my grandchild will have one. But after what seemed like 20 minutes of thrust and parry, I found myself desperately wishing for Errol Flynn in his green Robin Hood tights to step in and show them how it’s done. And if Padme and Anakin discussed their angst ridden relationship one more time, I swear I was gonna go get my free refill of popcorn!

Okay, the special effects were really (yawn) fantastic. But when you’ve seen your first ten ships blown up, you’ve seen ’em all. And, speaking of special effects, I found General Grievous, well, a little, well, grievous in his lack of of believability.

So, I’ll dutifully get Episodes I, II and III when they come out on DVD as a set, and will probably take my kids to see the darn thing when it hits the dollar theater here in town. But I’m really disappointed. I expected so much more, and got so much less. It makes me really glad the series has finally come to an end.

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File this under DUH!!!

Posted by zaphriel on June 3, 2005

AP: Intelligence Sees Terrorists in Iran

This is NOT NEWS.

“The evidence, which stretches over several years, includes communications
by a fugitive mastermind of the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing and the capture of a
Saudi militant who appeared in a video in which Osama bin Laden confirmed he
ordered the Sept. 11 attacks, according to U.S. and foreign officials.” –

But in better news. He’s Alive and Golfing.
And just days after Deep Throat revealed himself.
Boy it must be a slow news day.

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The cowards we protect…

Posted by zaphriel on June 3, 2005

Every time I get writers block, I tip toe through the blogs on my blog roll and BAM, something fires me up. This is one of those things.

***Rant Warning***
You’ve been warned.

My friend, Tran Sient, posted about an article in the Washington Post. It was about most peaceniks (Well at least 25) fears of the draft and how to dodge the draft before it even comes about (Smoking weed anyone?). Well, the peaceniks really do come out of the woodwork when someone posts something this “provocative” (because it is SOOO provacative to say people should defend their country).

They say stuff like, “This is an unjust war” and “We don’t buy the message that the planes that flew into those buildings were hijacked by Iraqis” and “we watched our president drag us into an unnecessary war”

Get over yourselves.

Peaceniks in general have an ignorance on this subject that is readily apparent and sad.

1. This war IS just, I have been there and I continue to fight
this war every day. I have been there from the start and I KNOW the facts
involved, just because the majority of the left and the MSM decided to focus on
one part of the justification, and ignore the rest does not change the facts.

A. Iraq harbored and financially contributed to Terrorists and terrorist

B. Saddam Hussein was a time bomb waiting to happen.

C. All of the elements were there for WMD, and all the evidence at the time
lead to
that conclusion. Whether it was a shell game or not, time will only

2. We are currently in this war, and need to finish it, the
very survival of our society and democracy around the world depends on it. The
insurgency knows that our victory there will all but eliminate their cause, and
that is why the terrorists are putting up such a fight, but mind you they are
fighting THERE, and not HERE.

WERE FROM IRAQ. To say so in your ill conceived argument it both irresponsible
and ignorant.

“I think these kids are reacting not out of a sense of looming threat, but more out of a sense of uncertainty, given how the Iraq war has played out.” Well sorry, war is uncertain. If we had the MSM we have today with their 24/7 coverage, WWII would never have been able to be fought, and we would all be speaking German today.

We need to finish what has been started, and follow through, to stop now would destabilize the world in a way that threatens all of our security. Right now at least the fight is over there, not on our front door step, and you can thank a Vet for that.

Let me be clear here, I don’t want a draft, mainly because I don’t want unwilling conscripts fighting along side of me. I want to know that the guy carrying the S.A.W. (Squadron Assault Weapon for you Non-military out there) next to me, really wants to be there, and doesn’t just want to go home. My life depends on him and people like him. Conscription is a bad Idea. If our nation calls though, it is everyone’s duty to come to her defense.

Anyone who suddenly becomes a conscientious objector, just because we MIGHT have a draft IS A COWARD. And if enough of the cowards band together, we won’t have an America anymore. That is the effect of not coming to the call.

Thanks be to Tran Sient for the post that started me off.
Sorry for the rant on your comments section.

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