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More Comment That Post Today

Posted by Mark on May 12, 2005

There was a lot going on at Liberty today. But almost all of it occurred in the comments on previous posts. Take a read, leave a comment if you want, especially on the post I’ve linked, Skewed View of Liberty.

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An over simplified expression of what being a conservative means to me…

Posted by zaphriel on May 12, 2005

“Why Righties are called right”,
“Why it’s not evil to be correct all the time”.

This is an answer to Carl’s post, who was responding to(and inspired by) Jet’s post, Oh what a tangled web we weave. So I guess by proxy I was inspired by Jet.

This One’s for you Carl at Gun Toting Liberal.

Being “conservative” means you value freedom as well as national security because you realize there are insane enemies willing to attack innocents without remorse, so you stand guard over them, because free People will always find a way to survive and you want to lead the way.

Being “conservative” means we are willing to offer you a temporary “hand up” if you are having a tough time, but you had better step up and put your hand to the plow when you are able, or you can go and take up residence under the nearest bridge or casino sports book.

Being “conservative” means you believe mankind is inherently GOOD, but you realize that there are people who are malevolent and jealous, and they wish to end your way of life, so you try to balance your security with your liberty and monitor closely those who wish to end your “Patriotism”.

Being “conservative” means you were there, in person, or in spirit when our living, breathing Constitution was amended to give women and black people the rights to vote, and you realized it was a good thing, not something that needed to be exploited for your own political gain.

Being “conservative” means, while we may individually value our own personal, private relationship with the God of our choosing, we believe it should remain ours and not be taken away from us by the “vocal minority” who sues us because they are “offended” at the very sight of a church.

Being “conservative” means you know Utopia is a long way off, and skipping steps in the evolution of society is both dangerous and self-destructive.

Being “conservative” means your “pedigree” is worth nothing. You were born poor, I was born rich. In our country, the Constitution says it doesn’t matter; we were created EQUAL, so I want to show you how I became self-sufficient (so you can do it too). But I’m not going to give it to you, when you have done nothing to earn it. I believe the lord helps those, who help themselves.

Being “conservative” means you think “morality” is known in the hearts of all people. Some just chose to ignore it in the name of being “understanding” or “Progressive”, even though your mother would have slapped you for it.

And being “conservative” means everybody will eventually realize the correct path, and when you do, we will welcome you to OUR “party”, regardless of whether you have a nose ring, pierced tongue, tattoos, or are missing a leg… we welcome you and your opinion is valued. Smoking jacket and snobbish accent WILL BE LAUGHED AT but are still welcome (as long as they match).

And being “conservative” also means we take care of our Veterans, all the time.. We support the troops but once you come back home we will congratulate you and say “Thank You”, we will never spit on you or call you a “baby killer” (even if you’ve never fired a shot), we’re STILL going to support you in all you do.

God Bless the USA and the men and women who defend her! May God watch over you all!

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