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A short explaination…

Posted by zaphriel on April 30, 2005

There continues to be some confusion, both on my part, and on the part of some readers of this site.
First, I’ll explain my mistake, I was not aware when I created this blog, that the phrase Neo-Con had any bad connotations. I had only heard it a couple of times, and I probably should have looked into it a little more. I did not know it was supposed to be offensive, I simply used my etymology skills and translated the phrase to mean “New Conservative”, which is what I am. I am not a fascist or Stalinistic person who believes in controlling the people. Anyone who has read my blog for more than a day has plainly seen that. I believe in the will of the people, and the greater good, as I think we all do. But there are people out there that like to judge me by the title of my blog, which I have already explained is sort of a misnomer.

Second, if you have a small mind, or a closed mind, please disregard this blog, it will have no meaning to you, and I truly do not wish to offend you. This blog is a collection of my thoughts, and my feelings. It is the story of my life, how I became a moderate conservative, and how as I grow older, I become more conservative (not because I am loosing touch with the world, but because I am gaining it). It seems that the more I do and the more I travel, the more I believe that conservatism, forethought, self-controll and self discipline are the right (and correct) paths.

So come back and read (during this next week about my trip to the communist socialist Wonderful republic state of California and the surprising rise of conservatism I observed while I was there.

Have fun with life; don’t take it so seriously, we only have one, and it should be fun.

12 Responses to “A short explaination…”

  1. Jay777 said

    yes, conservatism is on the rise in Cali…a good many of the wide awakes are from there. Great post!

  2. Mark said

    Glad to have you back, Zaph.

    Great post. I don’t see neo-con as a slur, or negative. The left is working hard to make it so, and succeeding. I think you should definitely keep the title, and explain the real meaning once in a while for new readers.

    I see some hope for California as well. If you want to know what happens when the left take over a state, look to California. We were in San Diego recently, and even some pretty far left relatives were having second thoughts.

    Let’s hope it spreads. Living here in The People’s Republic of Illinois, and watching it slide toward the left coast is pretty discouraging at times. Hopefully, the closer Illinois gets to the Left, the more voters will wake up. Just color me optimistic…

  3. Zaphriel said

    It seems that the political landscape, like anything else, moves in cycles. As it should, we need to be reminded from time to time, what we are doing and how important it is.
    It was just surprising to see California, a long time bastion of liberal socialism, have more and more conservative thought enter into the public domain. When I lived there, it was unheard of to express any conservative thought, any you had was verbally beaten out of you.
    Well, more to follow.

  4. Daryl said

    No, I’d say you chose your name quite well. I must admit I was fished in by your “I have a flag! See my flag? Here’s my flag!” banner on BlogExplosion. Might I suggest that those who are patriots don’t always feel the need to wave a flag around to prove it. 😉

  5. Screw ’em Zaph, you are who you are and you’re a moderately conservative guy. Make no apologies and just keep blogging on.

    To me, NeoCon means the same thing, “new conservative”. Just because the far-left is trying to do the same thing to you that the far right has done with the word “liberal” (making it a dirty word) is no reason to run from it. I refuse to call myself a “progressive”. I am a LIBERAL and damned proud of it.

  6. No offense, but to me, NeoCon refers to the so-called “compassionate-conservatives.” That is the negative connotation it inspires and as in my essay some weeks back, there is evidence that these people are not on the up-and-up. Being a new conservative is fine. Being a NeoCon is not. They are the latest in the long history of political extremism and they ahve learned from past examples that the best way to stay in power is to do it secretly. Cheers!

  7. Howdy.

    NeoCon is a very specific term. You wouldn’t have a site called if you weren’t a urologist. It’s all well and good that you had no clue what you were talking about when you attempted to parse the term, but… well… you’re not a Urologist.

    NeoCons are to true conservatives what spray cheese is to a kumquat. Nothing whatsoever. Forgetting the various social issues about which I’m admittedly quite Libertarian… I’m talking about Fiscal Conservatism.

    Anyway… nice to meetcha.

  8. Zaphriel said

    Make of it what you will, the truth about semantics is simple, the word means to you what the word means to you. I never intended malice with my usage, and that is my point. In the mean time, it has had unforeseen effects. Some people are attracted by the name, and they both read and see that I am a Moderate Conservative, or they don’t and they attack me. The later is unfortunate and goes to show those individuals ignorance. For now I am keeping it, if in the future I deem it too interruptive, I will change it.

    I hope you all keep reading however, and keep commenting, I enjoy the conversation. I also hope you all forgive me for my unintended ignorance, I meant no offence.

  9. ML said

    Semantics doesn’t mean you can make any word (or term) mean anything you choose simply because you don’t know the proper meaning or usage. This sort of sloppiness with language is dangerous because it makes nonsense out of real ideas. Here you are saying, in your blog title no less, that you consider yourself part of a crass, elitist political movement; and the fact is that you evidently aren’t even aware of this movement. How did this happen?

    Read Orwell’s ‘Politics and the English Language’. This is exactly the sort of thing he was concerned about: People being so confounded by bullshit terms that they have no idea what they think of what.

    To me, it is astounding that you would deem your ideas worthy of public consideration when they aren’t reasoned out even to the degree that you know what to call yourself. If you only mean to say that you have experienced an internal backlash to the “liberal” ideas that were forced on you by society, then there are any number of more creative (not to mention accurate) ways to relate this. The fact that you chose a term that is used in the media every day, and don’t even know how it is used, ought to embarrass you.

    Also, it ought to inform your readers as to the depth of understanding and the quality of thought you bring to any and all issues.

  10. Zaphriel said

    Great comment, that is of course if you are a close minded liberal with an agenda.

    1. I never presented myself as a political analyst or journalist of any sort, I simply set out to tell the story of my journey from being a liberal to becoming a conservative. Unlike you, apparently, I actually have a life outside of the political spectrum / blogosphere. It seems that I read and view different news than you do. The fact that I had rarely heard the term Neocon before is not all that surprising. You attacking me even after I have admitted said mistake is also not very surprising.
    2. Just because I am not a “political expert” doesn’t mean that my opinion is any less valuable, actually I think it is more valuable as I actually live in the world that the politicians create.
    3. Just like you and everybody else, I am entitled to my opinion.
    Finally, a wise man once said that opinions are like anal orifices, everyone has one, but at least I clean mine before I show it to the proctologist.


    To everyone else,
    Sorry for the temper, I actually do have one. It is possible to disagree with me on my blog; seems to do it quite well. So do and others. We can disagree without being uncivil. I simply get irritated when someone come into my blog and attacks me in a caustic, rude, and vulgar manner. I will be switching to haloscan on Monday, so these sorts of things should happen with less frequency.
    I apologize once again to everyone. Keep reading, keep commenting, I generally enjoy the dialogue.

  11. ML said

    This is something. Zaph, my contribution, every word of it, related directly to the topic of the post. What’s more, it was thoughtful and constructive–albeit constructively critical.

    I would think one of the main advantages of this medium would be to have your ideas challenged. Or do you publish them merely to get validation? Are you that uncertain of your conclusions? You can’t handle a conflicting viewpoint, even when, as in the above comment, I resort to no direct insults but only disapprove, strongly, of your general thoughtlessness?

    You will notice that I challenged only your ideas. I made no assumptions about your personal life. Nor did I use any disgusting and childish metaphors. Nor did I make any grossly idiotic generalizations such as that someone must be a “closed-minded liberal with an agenda.” I objected only to what I saw as a lack of thinking, and I told you why.

    I didn’t say you had no right to an opinion either. But you chose to get on a soapbox here; shouldn’t you be able to defend said opinion? Or at least not sulk when someone finds it ridiculous?

    PS There is no reason to delete this comment.

  12. Zaphriel said

    While I will not delete your last comment, I think maybe you should reread your previous one.
    To say that “To me, it is astounding that you would deem your ideas worthy of public consideration when they aren’t reasoned out even to the degree that you know what to call yourself.” is not a “direct insult” is inaccurate , and that’s the last I have to say about that.

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