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What I believe…

Posted by zaphriel on April 15, 2005

My decision to align myself on the right side of the line has recently been reinforced by the caustic and reactionary comments that have been left on my site from a few nut job fanatics. I find it amazing that anybody can read what I have written about my feelings and experiences and completely disregard what I have said in favor of what they wanted to hear.

I am now strangely compelled to layout my political beliefs, so that intelligent conversation may continue.

Now, these are my beliefs, and I do not judge anyone for their differing beliefs, as a matter of fact I highly enjoy intelligent and reasonable conversation on the subject. I try not to rant, because I believe you loose your point if all you do is rant, and my aim is civil accord not divisiveness. I believe what I believe, and of course, through logical discussion, I am going to try to bring you to my side, as I suspect those that I enter into dialog with will also do.

I will be posting a new “on topic” article about once a week, more to follow.
Please comment, I value your opinions.

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Just one More on McCain

Posted by Mark on April 15, 2005

Noone says it better than Captain Ed over at Captain’s Quarters:

McCain was a brave man in Viet Nam. He became a craven politician a long time ago, however, and almost everything he’s done since shows that he hasn’t changed a bit. If I still lived in Arizona, I’d be looking for ways to recall him from office immediately. It’s time for the GOP to quit kissing McCain’s ass and apply another extremity to it with noticeable force — and to strip him of his committee assignments as soon as possible. Let him switch parties if he likes. He’s useless and a disgrace as a Republican.

I can’t remember being more furious at a Republican. I’m thinking I’m not alone.

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Republican Senators on the Hot Seat

Posted by Mark on April 15, 2005

Bill Frist, Senate Majority Leader, will soon call for the Byrd option, which the MSM has chosen to call the nuclear option. This title story explains the politics of the whole thing.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. This from Hugh Hewitt:

Senator Santorum began the program today, and the news was as bad as it gets. Do you have the votes to end the filibuster? “We’re working on it.” When will the vote occur? “Within a couple of months.” Radioblogger will have a full transcript soon.

As soon as that phrase hit the airwaves the e-mail avalanche began and the angry calls have not let up. The Senate GOP is destroying itself, and it does not appear to be aware of the fact. They think they are losing a public relations war with the media elite when in fact they are losing something far more critical –the allegiance of their base.

What the Senators don’t understand is that the Conservatives who voted them in to the majority aren’t paying attention to the media elite. We are paying attention to the new media: Rush Limbaugh and his cohorts on talk radio, National Review, the Washington Times, and the blogs.

And meanwhile, RINO John McCain has decided to forget party loyalty (again) and side with the Democrats in order to get his blessing from Chris Matthews and the MSM. Again from the Hugh Hewitt site:

As for John McCain, who can say? I can only assume he has abandoned his presidential ambitions, and I hope MSM takes note that he is no longer a “maverick,” but a rogue Republican. The filibuster issue is one on which the party has a right to expect loyalty, and it did not get it from John McCain. McCain may still run, and he may still raise a lot of money and expecations, but this decision destroys his chances.

This could well be the end of the Republican majority in the Senate. If the Senators refuse to listen to their base, they will lose the majority. Count on it. McCain is already toast. I’m hoping the rest of the Republican Senate doesn’t go down with him.

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