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What are we supposed to do?…

Posted by zaphriel on March 31, 2005

Tell them to have fun and cross your fingers?

Reason # 513 Why I became a Conservative:
The vocal minority ( “organizations ranging from the American Civil Liberties Union to gay rights groups”) is out of control.
I know I am going to lose most of the “Vocals” in my first paragraph, but here goes anyway.
They actually have a beef with a government website that says “abstinence is the healthiest choice.” Do they now have a problem with the truth? It is absolutely true that the best way to avoid disease and pregnancy IS abstinence. But I guess they’d rather we taught them the right way to relax and take it in the back door.
Shut-up you parentally absent and morally bankrupt social minority, and stop insisting on telling us that your way of life is alright and the mere mention of normalcy is offensive to your ears. Guess what, your parents were hetero, as a matter of fact if it weren’t for heteros, you wouldn’t exist. Get over yourselves and your “right to not be offended”.

2 Responses to “What are we supposed to do?…”

  1. Scott S. said

    personally, i am not in favor of abstinence-only programs for the simple reason that they don’t reflect reality.

    of course abstinence is 100%, but no matter how much we push abstinence on teenagers, the fact is that they are not making these choices in a vacuum. they are dealing with real relationships, feelings, social pressures and hormones.

    teens have to make a choice about sex. some of them are going to make the choice to have it. i think it’s irresponsible not to teach them about ways to prevent pregnancy, about std’s, and what sex is so that they can make informed decisions.

    teens are going to make choices about sex. they should have the information to do so.

  2. Zaphriel said

    Yes, I absolutly agree. “the fact is that they are not making these choices in a vacuum.” and there have been recent studies that suggest that teens are getting the wrong message about what sex is and isn’t. They very well need to make an informed choice, but to be opposed to the idea of abstinence is just as irresponcible. The groups I refer to in this blog post didn’t just disagree with absinance education, they were opposed to it, as well they want us to teach that homosexuallity is “normal.” Don’t get me wrong, I beleive a persons sexual orientation is their choice, and I really don;t care about it, but I don;t want to be told that I have to call it normal, because the fact of the matter is that by definition being gay is NOT NORMAL.

    Our kids need to be taught all sides of the issue,not just what the vocal minority wants us to teach, and that was my point.

    Thanks to Scott S and all the others that are leaving comments, I really appreciate your thoughts and open discussions. Free thought is the only way to a better America.


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