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Being Over run By Sixth Graders

Posted by Mark on March 19, 2005

My daughter turns twelve this weekend. We are currently over run by giggling sixth grade girls having a sleepover. Between bites of pizza, the talk is of boys, clothes, boys, school, and of course boys. No blogging will be done this weekend, as I have to purchase a shotgun to keep away said boys as my baby girl gets older. Sigh.

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A Culture of Life

Posted by Mark on March 19, 2005

From Peggy Noonan:

A final note to the Republican leadership in the House and Senate: You have to pull out all the stops. You have to run over your chairmen if they’re being obstructionist for this niggling reason and that. Run over their egos, run past their fatigue. You have to win on this. If you don’t, you can’t imagine how much you’re going to lose. And from people who have faith in you.

Bill Frist and Tom DeLay and Jim Sensenbrenner and Denny Hastert and all the rest would be better off risking looking ridiculous and flying down to Florida, standing outside Terri Schiavo’s room and physically restraining the poor harassed staff who may be told soon to remove her feeding tube, than standing by in Washington, helpless and tied in legislative knots, and doing nothing.

Issue whatever subpoena, call whatever witnesses, pass whatever emergency bill, but don’t let this woman die.

This is about far more than one woman’s life. Republican lawmakers better figure that out fast.

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