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When Pigs Fly or Hell Freezed Over

Posted by Mark on February 5, 2005

I find myself deeply troubled. Must be the pain killers going to my head or something. While the Democrats, and some Republicans, cling desperately to the statue of FDR, President Bush has decided to take on the third rail. At least so far, the rumors of his political death are greatly exaggerated. It looks like he may drag other politicians kicking and screaming to the greatest reforms in generations.

And in terms of Intelligent Design, my vote is for private school and home schooling getting some of the money currently going to public education. Intelligent Design can go only so far. Faith takes over at a certain point. It takes a great deal of faith to believe completely in Evolution and Chaos Theory as the sole answer to the creation of the universe, or as Robert Heinlein call it, the omniverse. I think both theories, intelligent design and evolution, have a place in our children’s education. Leaving out one or the other lessens our children’s ability to think critically about science and faith.

I even find myself in partial agreement, or at least on the fence, regarding gay couples adopting children. My jury is very much still out on that issue. One caveat though: The reason the tragedy in Florida is news is in part because it happens so rarely. To blame it on Governor Bush, or on marriage in general is going a bit too far. But, as Meat Loaf once said in a song, Two out of three ain’t bad.

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