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Reflections on American Indian Culture

Posted by Mark on January 8, 2005

Patricia left an extended comment on the post Judeo Christian Ethics.

It would take too long to reply to all of her comment. That will await another day. But one of the many things she said got me thinking:

You said:

Patricia asks why we should go back to the English Founding Fathers, when there were American Indians here already. Her question implies that the culture of the Indians is equal to the Western Culture that supplanted it.

Actually, no it was not meant to imply that the culture of the indigenous peoples is equal to the Western Culture it was meant to imply that it mayhap was BETTER. 😉

These are people to whom this land belonged, they knew the cycle of the land, the cycle of the seasons. The land was fertile and provided what they needed, were it not true, then the “founding fathers” would have not ever come here seeking their riches and remained to pillage them well. But for the moment,let us remember it was NOT the British that came here FIRST.. it was the Spanish Conquistadores, looking for GOLD.. and with them they brought numerous plagues of illness to the indigenous peoples, they brought them liquor which to the Native peoples was death in a flask. They raped their women, killed their braves and stole their land.

Actually, in context, I said that I don’t believe in multi culturalism, the idea that all cultures are equal. And despite the attempts of revisionist historians, Disney, and Kevin Costner with Dances With Wolves, the American Indians were not saintly tribes striding through pristine forests. The wars between Indian tribes were savage, with torture of captives a routine occurence. It continued with white captives taken from Colonial times right through the end of the 19th Century as well. You can read more about that here. This is not an indictment of the American Indian, but an example of the whole story of Indian culture. Something somehow left out in the rush to revisionism begun in the 1960’s and continuing today. More on this topic to come in my reply to the Commentary Article. being featured on Evangelical Outpost.

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