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Been Away For Awhile

Posted by Mark on November 28, 2004

Been neglectful of the blog the past few days. Have had trouble getting down the stairs to the Computer Room at times.

Most folks know I’ve had some serious health problems the past few months. I don’t usually use this site for personal updates, but I’ve gotten requests, so bear with me.

I’m having more tests this week, as the asthma is not improving enough. I’m still having frequent attacks despite multiple med changes. May be off to Rush in Chicago this week, as the docs locally have just about exhausted their bag of tricks. The CPAP machine for sleep apnea has certainly helped, but not enough. I am better, and was able to string together 3 really good days over the Thanksgiving holidays. Fell apart last night, with a lot of coughing, and breathing troubles. I’ve managed to stay out of the ER for a few weeks though. I consider that progress.

I still have hope that things will clear up,and I can get back to work soon. We’ll see.

Thanks for the emails, and the prayers. It’s helped to keep going through what has become a very long ordeal.

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