Liberty Just in Case

A Dialogue for the September 12th World

Posted by Mark on November 2, 2004

No links, no pundits, and for Goodness sake, no polls.
The only poll that counts is today.
If you’ve followed this blog for long, you know where I stand. I firmly believe this is the most important election in a generation or more, and will determine the future of this nation.
So, go vote.
Vote your values.
Vote your security.
Remember 9/11/01.
Vote accordingly.
And at the risk of being accused of a cliche:
God Bless America.

One more thing:
I’ll be blogging intermittently as the results come in tonight. One of the joys of the many steroids I’m currently taking for my asthma is insomnia. Hopefully it’ll be an early night, a Republican win across the board, and I can concentrate on my new Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator program I got this week. Still haven’t figured out how to land that darned P-51 Mustang with only 4 gallons of gas….. stay tuned.

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