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Posted by Mark on August 21, 2004

Shrapnel Still There?
The Navy documented John Kerry�s heroism, and awarded him the Bronze Star. Today, he still has shrapnel in his leg from his wounds in Vietnam.

The above is from the transcript of Kerry’s new ad, titled “Rassman.”
Here is a more detailed explanation, also from Senator Kerry’s site:

Narrator: �Today, he still has shrapnel in his leg from his wounds in Vietnam.�

  • Release of Kerry Medical Records Shows he Still Carries Shrapnel From Combat John Kerry has a piece of shrapnel in his left thigh from an injury he suffered in the Vietnam War, his doctor said Friday during a review of 36 pages of the Democratic presidential candidate’s military medical records. � Kerry got his first Purple Heart after he got shrapnel in his left arm above his elbow. Doyle said if the shrapnel had hit Kerry in the eye, it could have blinded him. And Doyle said Kerry’s third Purple Heart came from a dangerous situation on March 13, 1969, that could have been life-threatening. A mine had exploded near Kerry’s swiftboat and enemy snipers were shooting around his boat. According to notes from a military doctor who treated Kerry three hours later, Kerry was thrown against the bulkhead, resulting in contusions on his right forearm. � Kerry also was wounded by a piece of shrapnel on Feb. 20, 1969, this time on his left thigh. Doctors decided to leave the shrapnel in place rather than make a wider opening to remove it. Doctors removed damaged tissue and the entry wound was closed with sutures, and no infection developed around the shrapnel, according to the records. [Pickler, Associated Press, 4/23/2004]

Here is Dr Gerald Doyle’s complete summary. It would appear he does have a peice of B-40 shrapnel in his left thigh.
I find myself relieved.
The temptation here is to rush in, jumping on every possible allegation. That temptation must be avoided at all costs. Its what separates those looking for the facts from the Michael Moores of the world, who are looking to push an agenda….sometimes in spite of the facts.

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