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Posted by Mark on November 20, 2003

The Massachusetts Ruling: A Tactical Error For the Gay Community?An interesting take on the gay marriage ruling. Worth considering.

And this, from the editors at National Review:

Actually, the difficulty for those who would prefer to sit on the fence is even worse than that. If you agree with the Massachusetts ruling — if you think that it was rightly reasoned as well as rightly decided — you cannot even be a moderate supporter of gay marriage who believes that intelligent people of good will may disagree. Opponents of gay marriage are irrational bigots, equivalent to the people who opposed interracial marriage in bygone days. The court declares that there is no rational basis for defining marriage in a way that renders same-sex couples ineligible. Thus the traditional marriage law cannot survive even if the court subjects it to the lowest level of scrutiny it can apply. The court repeatedly likens its decision to the Supreme Court’s invalidation of bans on interracial marriage. It sees no difference between the cases.

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Posted by Mark on November 20, 2003

The President’s Speech in London

While the media has been on Jacko watch, something important happened today, and also something important didn’t happen.

President Bush gave an important speech. He didn’t back down, he didn’t beg for UN intervention.

He reminded the Western democracies of their history, and their responsibility.

It’s been said that those who live near a police station find it hard to believe in the triumph of violence, in the same way free peoples might be tempted to take for granted the orderly societies we have come to know. Europe’s peaceful unity is one of the great achievements of the last half-century. And because European countries now resolve differences through negotiation and consensus, there’s sometimes an assumption that the entire world functions in the same way. But let us never forget how Europe’s unity was achieved — by allied armies of liberation and NATO armies of defense. And let us never forget, beyond Europe’s borders, in a world where oppression and violence are very real, liberation is still a moral goal, and freedom and security still need defenders. (Applause.)

Oh yeah. And what didn’t happen?

The protests.

200 showed up.

I’d post a story, but can’t find any.

Funny how the Media doesn’t want to cover the nonstory…..

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