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Posted by Mark on October 14, 2003

Despite The News Hour’s report, The Rush Limbaugh show is NOT on Hiatus. Rush is, but not the show.

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Posted by Mark on October 14, 2003

Ah, the Media, again.

Mark Steyn does a great job looking at the media spin of the California Recall vote.

Here’s a taste:

You gotta admire the way the media stayed on the Demo-crats’ sinking California ship right to the very end. On the CNN Web site, even after Gray Davis had conceded, they were sticking to the loser’s talking-points:

”Schwarzenegger, who, like Hitler, is a native of Austria . . .”

CNN? Oh, that’s that network with Larry King, who, like the Son of Sam, is a native of Brooklyn. Used to be owned by Ted Turner, who, like the Cincinnati Strangler, is a native of Cincinnati. Now part of Time Warner, founded by the Warner Brothers, the oldest of whom, Harry Warner, like many Auschwitz guards, was a native of Poland.

Oh, and the truth?

Here it is, same article:

Just in case any Democrats have come back down to Planet Earth, here’s what happened on Tuesday: The two Republican candidates — Schwarzenegger and Tom McClintock — pulled 62 percent of the vote between them; the Democrat, Cruz Bustamante, got 31.7 percent. The remaining 6 percent was divided among the other 132 candidates. Just to recap: Republicans 62 percent, Democrats 31.7 percent — in the most liberal state in the nation. As long as all those angry voters keep expressing their anger by voting for Republicans over Democrats by two to one, I think I can live with it.


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