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Posted by Mark on May 23, 2003

The Episcopal Church: Hard Left.
Couldn’t say it better than this:

As Bishop Moore’s theology professor pointed out long ago, the Episcopal Church has always been a big tent that shelters free thinkers. This is what makes it attractive to people like me. But it’s one thing to tolerate dissent, and something else again to have a leadership incapable of using “evil” in a sentence without also including the word “simplistic.” Episcopalians seem to do a good job of reaching out to the American Muslim community. Perhaps the denomination should consider creating an outreach program for conservatives. If nothing else, the effort would sensitize church leaders against using certain buzz words that conservatives find offensive. (“Texan” employed as a term of insult should head the list.)

In the meantime, it is easy to see why the predicted resurgence of church membership in the wake of 9/11 may not materialize � and that, even if it does, mainline Protestant denominations will be the last to realize any lasting gains. We can best honor Bishop Moore by recognizing his passing as the end of an era. The gospel of Social Action had its exhilarating moments � especially during the heyday of the civil-rights movement � but it soon degenerated into a m�lange of warmed-over Marxism and Euro-complacency. We Christians who drifted away from the church in the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s certainly don’t want to be told that we must repudiate our strengths and learn to identify ourselves as victims. Been there, done that.

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