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Posted by Mark on September 25, 2002

And That Brings Us to Today
Tom Daschle had what’s being called a meltdown on the Senate floor today. Here’s a transcript, and here is the President’s words that got Mr Daschle all hot and bothered.
This is not so much a response to Mr Bush, but a response to algore! It’s about Democratic Presidential politics, and trying desperately to hold on to the Senate in November. It’s also a response to multiple liberal pundits who are asking what the heck the Democratic stands for, and when will they start standing up for it. The latest is David Broder, Monday in the Washington Post. This follows on the heels of the devastating article a couple of weeks ago in The New Republic.

I wish I was an editorial cartoonist on days like today. The picture would be the HMS Titanic, with Joe Lieberman as lookout, screaming, “Iceberg Dead Ahead!” Algore as Captain Smith, screaming “Steer hard left!” and Tom Daschle as the helmsman turning the wheel as far left as it goes. This week, with algore and Daschle, we may well have seen the pacifist Democrats hitting the iceberg. Oh, and the name on the iceberg? Iraq.

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Posted by Mark on September 25, 2002

The Contrast
An amazing contrast to Algore is the speech Tony Blair made before The British House of Commons. This is just an exerpt of the speech. Here is the complete Iraq Dossier directly from 10 Downing Street. Take note of the satellite photography of the chemical and biological weapons factories. And where does the money come from to pay for the proof presented by our friends the British? According to The Wall Street Journal, from The United Nations.
Here’s the first paragraph:

Who is Saddam Hussein’s biggest business partner?

The United Nations. The same U.N. whose secretary-general, Kofi Annan, stands as one of the chief ditherers over removing Saddam. Here are the ingredients of a conflict of interest.

Continue the story. It will reinforce the President’s case for possible unilateral action.

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Posted by Mark on September 25, 2002

Oh Where to Begin, Where to Begin?
Well, let’s start with Algore. He gave a speech on Monday. A left speech. A faaaar left speech. Here’s Michael Kelly’s comments. My favorite paragraph:

Gore’s speech was one no decent politician could have delivered. It was dishonest, cheap, low. It was hollow. It was bereft of policy, of solutions, of constructive ideas, very nearly of facts — bereft of anything other than taunts and jibes and embarrassingly obvious lies. It was breathtakingly hypocritical, a naked political assault delivered in tones of moral condescension from a man pretending to be superior to mere politics. It was wretched. It was vile. It was contemptible. But I understate.

He then proceeds to give examples to back up just how understated the above paragraph was.
There is no way I could say it any better.

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