Liberty Just in Case

A Dialogue for the September 12th World

Posted by Mark on July 30, 2002

Trust in a Climate of Distrust
This is a profound look at what has happened to trust in government.

This paragraph is especially poignant:

Where there is trust, the very whisper of mistrust would be enough to make a government official resign. In such a case the unusualness of suspicion’s being directed at him would make him a distraction to his colleagues and his party and to government institutions in general. But where mistrust is the order of the day and scandal, or pseudo-scandal, has become routine, there is no trust to be undermined. Nowadays officials from the president on down are mistrusted from their first day in office by the opposition and the media, at least, and so there becomes no way of distinguishing between this routine mistrust and that which genuinely might require a resignation or a dismissal.

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